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How to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

How to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

How to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

If you are one of those lovely couples who wish to know the etiquette around tipping your wedding vendors, this is the right place for you! Wedding vendors put their heart and soul to bring your dream aesthetics to reality. In order to thank them for their efforts and make them feel appreciated, it is recommended that you tip them. In a way, it makes them feel seen. If you loved their work, you can also write a ‘thank-you’ note or leave a good review on the website. These little kind and thoughtful gestures create a big impact. Weddings are all about celebrations, festivities, and waves of laughter but the planning process can get a bit overwhelming. Having a team that can help you to plan and execute your vision feels like a blessing.

Although, tipping your vendors is not mandatory – it is highly recommended. It acts as a gratitude token and makes professionals feel appreciated for their hard work.

Here is your complete guide about tipping your wedding vendors. Which wedding vendors to tip? How much should you tip? And when? How to make sure that the right person gets it? We have answered all these questions below!

Which wedding vendors to tip?                      

Wedding vendors include; Wedding Planners, Venue Coordinators, Photographers, Hair & Makeup Artists, Florists, Wedding Cake Bakers, DJs, etc. All of them work together to create the perfect big day for you.

  • Wedding planners help you plan your big day from start to finish. They capture your vision, bring inspirational ideas and give practically helpful advice to make the most out of your wedding day. They are your biggest cheerleaders!
  • Venue coordinators help with the final preparations and day-of coordination. They set the mood for your ceremony and reception, and help you to finalize the perfect design, furniture, and decorations.
  • Wedding photographers and videographers capture your special moments and heartfelt emotions so that you can cherish these beautiful memories forever!
  • Hair and makeup artists play a key role in helping you get ready for the big day. They have in-depth knowledge regarding how to complement your natural beauty perfectly.
  • Florists are responsible for creating all the bespoke floral decorations on your special day, adorning the aesthetic magically!
  • Cake cutting ceremonies are something that every guest looks forward to! It is important to choose the wedding cake bakers that can make the perfect gateau. They also customize the cake according to your theme and preferences.
  • Having a wedding DJ keeps you and your guests entertained. They will remember these beautiful moments for a lifetime.

These are the vendors that deserve to be tipped for their exceptional services. If you are happy with their work on your wedding day, send them gratuities as a token of love and appreciation.

When to tip the wedding vendors?

Tipping your wedding vendors is an amazing way to show your regard and appreciation for their hard work. But when should you tip them?

In essence, the general rule of thumb is to tip them at the end of the function.

  • For hairstylists and makeup artists, you can tip them at the end of getting the service.
  • For florists, DJs, wedding planners, and photographers; we recommend that you send them a ‘thank-you’ note and gratuities at the end of the event.
  • If your officiant is affiliated with a church, you can express your gratitude by making donations to that church.
  • Some service providers such as caterers, ceremony officiants, and delivery and set up staff can be tipped prior to the wedding day.  

According to the vendor tipping etiquette, it is recommended to clearly mention the names or business websites of the service providers on your envelopes. Ask a trusted family member or friend to hand the gratuities to the wedding vendors. This way it will be ensured that the tip has been reached the right person. It is always a nice gesture to show your gratitude and admiration for the work. Although they do not expect it, they will certainly appreciate it! Your small favor can make their day!

How much should you tip the wedding vendors?

Unless tipping is not a part of your contract, you are not obliged to tip your wedding vendors. But it is always a good idea to have some envelopes prepared beforehand to thank service providers for their exceptional hard work and acts of assistance.

Tipping your wedding vendors ranges anywhere from 200$ to 700$. It all depends on your budget.

Here is a general cheat sheet for tipping wedding vendors;

  • Wedding photographers and videographers: anywhere from $100-$300.
  • Musicians and DJs: $150-$250
  • Hair and makeup artists: 10-15% of the service
  • Florists: 20-25% of the service
  • Officiants: Donations: $100-$40; Civil-ceremony officiant: $75-$100
  • Wedding planners: $100-$300
  • Serving staff, chefs, bartenders, chauffeurs: $15-$30 per person
  • Bakers and delivery team that sets the wedding cake: 15$-$20

You can also choose to give them epic vendor gifts like shirts, office supplies, tumblers, and more to make the gratuities extra special and meaningful.

General wedding tipping etiquette

Read contract carefully

First things first, read the contracts carefully before tipping your wedding vendors. Why? Because some business owners and service providers include the tipping charges within the contract. In that case, you are not obliged to pay any additional gratuities – unless you want to, of course!

Pre-plan your envelopes

To avoid any confusion at the last minute, we recommend that you pre-plan your tipping envelopes. Clearly mention the names and websites of the professionals so your tip can reach the right person without any hassle. For venue or management staff, clearly indicate who the card or envelope is for.

Fill the cards and envelopes with cash, label them with names and hand them over to a trusted member of the family to be distributed among the vendors.

Write ‘thank you’ notes

Express your gratitude and appreciation by writing heartwarming ‘thank you’ notes!

Leave good reviews

If you are happy with the wedding services or if your vendors went above and beyond to execute your iconic day, appreciate their efforts by writing a stellar review on their professional websites. Honestly, it is one of the best ways to support the businesses and to thank the service providers for their exceptional services. It may not be a great deal for you, but helps their business tons!

Hope that the above post on tipping your wedding vendors proves to be helpful for you! If you are looking to give them something unique and meaningful, discover these amazing vendor swag ideas that will surely make them feel appreciated!