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2023 Wedding Trends: Wood Sola Flowers - The Hottest Alternative To Real Flowers

2023 Wedding Trends: Wood Sola Flowers - The Hottest Alternative To Real Flowers

Are you getting married? You're not alone! There are 2.3 million couples who get married each year!

One of the most exciting parts of any wedding is picking out design services for flowers. Have you ever heard of sola flowers before?

In this article, learn what exactly these eco-friendly and gorgeous flowers are. Read on to discover why it's out with the old and in with the new, and adopt this beautiful style today!

What Are Sola Flowers? 

Sola flowers are wood flower bouquets. They're the next big thing in home decor and weddings. Gone are the days where you'll have to worry about your favorite flower being in season when you opt for a wooden flower bouquet. 

They also last longer and are sturdier than traditional flowers. For those who care about the earth, they're a great eco-friendly option. You won't have to worry about flowers that'll only last a few hours after you get married. 

Not only are they great for weddings, but other events such as corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

What Is Sola Wood? 

Sola wood is from Cassava which is a tapioca plant root. It's also known as yuca, arrowroot, and manioc. It's dried down to create tapioca. It's very drought-resistant since it's from tropical climates. The coolest thing about the tapicoa plant is that it can be re-harvested. Our flowers are made from materials such as sola, pine, book pages, and birch. 

Premium Design Services

Here at Pine and Petal Weddings, we pride ourselves on helping you pick out the perfect wooden flower bouquet for your wedding. Not only that, but we offer help with matching wedding themes as well. If you were to choose regular flowers, you'd have to worry about bugs and your flowers drying out. 

Plus, regular flowers don't last very long. You can enjoy your bridal bouquet long-term instead of just for a few hours. Did you recently get a dress from Azazie or David's Bridal? We can help you color match your patterns from these dresses. This is a benefit of wooden flower bouquets since it's harder to do with traditional flowers. 

You can also design your eco-friendly organic wooden bouquet to match your wedding event theme and favorite flowers. 


Why spend a fortune on flowers that won't even last long-term? Sola flowers are budget-friendly and last. You'll receive special care instructions to take care of your bouquet. No having to worry about throwing your flowers in the garbage afterward like traditional flowers. 

A traditional flower bouquet can cost between $100 and $350. Wooden bouquets are much more affordable, and you won't have to sacrifice on flowers for your theme!


Wooden flower bouquets are made from biodegradable material. Tapioca plants can be re-harvested so they're a great environmental option. 


Forget going to a floral store and only getting to pick what's in season or limited on colors. You can have your flower bouquet dyed with custom-colors. Your wedding will be covered!

Whether it's for hairpieces, ceremony arches, centerpieces, the bouquet, and others, you have options. 

Ships to You

Have you ever noticed that shipping flowers they might wind up dry? Or maybe not fresh anymore? You can enjoy the fact that your wooden flower bouquet and theme can be shipped to you across the country, and even for destination weddings!

If you're in the Ocala area you can come to pick up your wooden flowers as well!

Options Are Endless

Think you're just limited to wedding celebrations? Think again! If you fall in love with your sola flowers, we also offer broaches, book page flowers, and other wrappings. 

Romantic Options

You can have your dream flowers look as romantic and beautiful as real flowers. Sola flowers, you have the option to dye them different colors instead of just one. 


Sola flowers can last forever! Follow the care directions given and you can enjoy your flowers for years to come. If you were to go with traditional flowers you'd have to press them to keep them. Pressing them, they won't look the same. Sola flowers will be beautiful for years to come. 

How wonderful would it be to use the same bouquet on your anniversary that you had from your wedding? Leave flowers alone to generate nectar for pollination, birds, and insects, and be eco-friendly!

Many choose sola wood flowers over silk and plastic since they have a natural appearance and are biodegradable materials. 

How Are the Wooden Flower Bouquets Made? 

The pieces of wood are thin, so easily shaped. Before coloring the wood, they're first shaped into the flowers of your choosing. They're created with a mix of water and steam. After they're steamed and wet, they can be shaped into any flower you'd like. 

Different Flower Styles

The options are endless! What goes with your wedding theme? Do you want roses but they're not in season? Not a problem! You can choose any style of flower you'd like! You can enjoy that all the components of your bouquet are naturally occurring and biodegradable!

Each flower is unique and made with natural wood chips and grains. You can enjoy designing and customizing your arrangements to fit your exact wants and needs for your dream wedding. 

Exploring All About Sola Flowers

After exploring all about sola flowers, it should be a clear decision why so many go with them. 

Looking to create something unique, your own, and fully-customizable? Or have any questions? Contact us today! We will help you make your dream sola flowers into a reality!

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