High quality wood sola flowers and amazing customer service, since 2015.

About Us

At Pine and Petal, we think life’s precious moments should be frozen in time and cherished for years to come. That’s why we make delicate wood sola flower bouquets, arrangements and decor that last! Flowers are meant to spread joy, celebrate life's main events and accent home decor.

What started in 2015 as a small handmade shop out of her small apartment in Central Florida, our founder, Tiffany, worked diligently to perfect the color matching of delicate wood flowers. Tiffany studied dress brand colors like David’s Bridal and Azazie so that brides could have bouquets of beautiful lasting flowers that matched their wedding decor. Since then, we have helped thousands of brides celebrate their love with our eco-friendly flower alternative.

Today, Pine and Petal will help you share the love and send beautiful home decor, bouquets and arrangements made from sola wood flowers to your friends, family and as gifts so that they have flowers to cherish too for years to come. We also want to help with your craft projects and we offer loose unstemmed flowers in over 80 colors for your wedding DIY, home decor ideas and more!

For all of life’s moments, Pine and Petal is here to grow with you.

Handmade and Artisan Crafted for you.

Our delicate flowers are made from eco friendly materials including wood (sola, birch, cedar, pine), paper (book pages, maps, comic books) and we accent using primarily preserved and dried naturals.

Each bouquet is crafted by the hands of our expert designers and is truly a one of a kind!

Our delicate flowers are not perfect and will have beautiful natural flaws including displaying wood grains, bark (or dark spots). Your flowers will have an artisan chic feel that will last for many years.

Eco Friendly and Beautifully Preserved.

What are Sola Flowers?
Sola flowers, are a DELICATE wood similar to a balsa wood (think light and wispy versus the hardwoods of your floors). One of the most fascinating things about the sola flower, which is made by hand, is that it is created from the tapioca plant! This plant can be harvested over and over so we are keeping our wedding flowers eco friendly. We work with high quality sola only - no bulk low quality flowers here!

Fillers and Accents
Occasionally, we do use faux/artificial fillers or accents if the particular look we are trying to achieve isn't available through dried naturals or wood products. We also love using faux lambs ear, flocked varieties as well as faux materials for arches and garlands. We use ribbons, jute twine and other materials to wrap our bouquets and accessories. If you have any questions on the materials we use along the way, let us know!