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Elegant Lavender Wooden Flower Bouquet

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Type: Bouquets
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Deep shades of purple and mellow shades of grey and charcoal will evoke the calm and serene elegant feel you are looking for. Add some candlelight and a scent of lavender for a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

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This natural wooden flower bouquet has been handmade and hand-dyed to showcase a beautiful arrangement of natural white, charcoal, deep purple and light grey colored flowers.

For Brides - Pictured Colors match well with:
David's Bridal: Mist, Charcoal

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Recommended Only For Flower Girls:

Note: Designed with shorter stems and smaller flowers than adult size bouquets

Pixie 4" 
3-Flower 5"
Petite 6" 



Recommended Sizes For Bridesmaids:

Mini/Toss 7" 
Small 8"  (Most Popular)
Recommended Sizes For Brides:
Medium 10"
Large 12" (Most Popular)
X-Large 14"


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About Our Sola Flowers

Our DELICATE WOOD Flowers are made from a soft tapioca Wood (much like a balsa wood). This makes them very realistic and delicate and they should be treated with gentle care as you would treat real flowers (minus watering of course!).

These flowers are each handmade and there will be imperfections such as chips from the edges of the plant or even bark within them naturally.

 We also work with natural materials such as book pages, comic books, birch wood, preserved foliages and flowers, and mulberry paper. Sometimes, if we are going for a particular look, we will use faux succulents, lambs ear, dusty miller or something similar. If you have a question about a material in your bouquet or arrangement specifically, feel free to ask!

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Bouquet Sizes

Our Bouquets follow standard sizing below in Diameter. Please contact us for custom sizing requests.

Pixie: 4"
Simple 3-Flower: 5"
Petite: 6"

Mini/Toss: 7"
Small (Popular Bridesmaid Size): 8"

BRIDAL SIZES (Including main diameters of Cascade and Teardrop Specialities):
Medium: 10"
Large: 12"
XL: 14"

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Custom Orders

We love custom orders! Send Us a message via our contact form or email us at hello@pineandpetalweddings.com and let us know what you are looking for!

Please note: Custom Orders may take additional processing time and we recommend ordering 6-8 weeks in advance of your wedding. Rush Options are available.

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Sola Flower Bouquet Sizes

Sola Flower Bouquet size options.

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